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Waxing Treatments

At Aroma Beauty we use only the finest quality wax LYCON "the world leader in quality waxes". Offering a range of colourful , aromatic strip and hard wax to ensure the best waxing needs are met for each individual.
"You will never feel such a smoothness as you do after a LYCON wax."

Waxing Benefits:

-  Last's longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots.

- Produces smoother results than shaving

- You will have less regrowth between appointments 

- You will avoid the risks of nicks and cuts

- Your hair will grow back progressively finer and sparser.

- You will enjoy the attention of a qualified professional who loves what they do!   

Before Your Appointment:

- allow at least one week preferably 2 between home shaving or other depilatory treatments. This       allows hairs to grow to a length sufficient to be waxed.

- Exfoliate the area to be waxed 24-48 hours before your appointment. This will keep skin soft and help   prevent ingrown hairs.

- Bath or shower the day of your wax to open up follicles, allowing for easier removal.

- Do not apply deodorants , make - up , lotions, soaps, powders, perfumes or self - tanning products ect  the the area to be waxed.

Waxing After Care:

For the the first 24 hours avoid the following to prevent irritating the skin.

- Exfoliating the waxed area

- touching or scratching the waxed area

- saunas and steam rooms

- Sunbathing, sun beds, or any sunlight and UV exposure

- Applying products such as deodorants , soaps, powders, self - tanning lotions ect

- wear loose fitting clothes to prevent irritation.

To soothe and calm the skin we suggest applying an aloe vera gel or tea tree body wash.

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