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Facial Peel Advice

The Plumberry Peel facial and Instant glow pumpkin peel will deliver improvements from just one salon treatment. For the best long term results these salon peels can be done once a week for 4 -6 weeks.

What is the Nutra Peel Difference?

Traditional peels work on resurfacing the skin to target a wide range of skin concerns. However constant stimulation from deeper peels can result in skin sensitisation, skin thinning or thickening, hyper pigmentation and breakouts. moisturiser Peels offer the same positive results and will deeply exfoliate damaged cells. However Skin Juiceā€™s Nutra Peels are nutrient packed, meaning they will feed the skin all the goodness it requires to be healthy, glowing and protected from stimulation.

Before your Peel:

- don't exfoliate a week before your appointment

- don't undergo any other chemical peels, any  kind of waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal procedures or botox

- be in direct sunlight for 24 hours prior to appointment

Post Peel Advice:

- limit your time outdoors, no direct sunlight for 24 hours after peel

- Avoid AHA based skin care or exfoliation for 24 hours post treatment. 

- After 24 hours you can use a gentle in nature cleanser avoiding harsh cleansers or scrubs and brushes

- moisturise and hydrate using a neutral moisturiser and drinking plenty of water

- Apply sunscreen

- Avoid strenuous work outs or day saunas

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